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[31 Dec 2012|03:36am]
[ mood | paranoid ]

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[11 Nov 2012|03:17pm]

It is about time for a sims resource post. I know lots of major sims legacy sites have these and I am really not that, but I figure why not let other people know where I like to go :D

Updated a bit January 17
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Writer's Block: Multiple Personalities [09 Mar 2012|02:02pm]
Introduce all your different personalities.

Reading these answers cracks me up because people are being so sensitive and offended. The question isn't mocking those who might actually have multiple personalities. Like...ugh.

Just look at the other answers for a good laugh
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Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays [15 Dec 2011|02:49pm]
Post your favorite holiday-themed animated gif. One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]

I think that Gap ad counts


I do that all the time. I hope this girl is a success in hollywood.

lol now i learn this has to be public to count.
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[23 Feb 2011|04:52pm]

Who is this?

Oops I did it againCollapse )
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omg i updated [29 Dec 2010|06:13pm]

Holy Crap! An Update!

Growing Up
New Baby!

Gimme gimme moreCollapse )
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Sims time [01 Dec 2010|01:08pm]



Still playing catchup!Collapse )

Now I tried to install Seasons today (I have the disc) using instructions from some website on how to get over this problem I was dealing with, but it did not seem to work. Humph. BUT luckily I backed up everything right before, so even if I have to reinstall stuff it'll be ok.
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[26 Nov 2010|10:19pm]

Playing Catch Up

I KNOW! I haven't posted in forever, but I am still playing. I just have a habit of letting it build up until I get intimidated to start cropping, uploading, etc. But here we go.

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I J K [03 Oct 2010|03:22pm]

Still lusty after all these years

Aging up a bunch

LJ is being slow with the scrapbook but I"m trying

LOTS OF PICSCollapse )
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[02 Oct 2010|08:26pm]
I was inspired today to make a sim for one of my dear LJ loves, daslexmeister

Learn about Daslex inside!

Never enoughCollapse )
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[27 Sep 2010|09:54pm]

I'm still playing sims. I am taking caps but I just can't get myself to crop, rename, upload and post them.

But this is Kit. She is the daughter of Jamie and Josh. John and Jillian also had a baby boy named Kennedy.

Family tree (minus Kennedy)

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[07 Sep 2010|03:53pm]

SO my sims are growing up and I need to decide which of the twins will be moving into another house. Now, John is not currently involved with Jillian, but he will be. She is in her own place ATM and I suppose I could move John over there with her, or an entirely new house. Whatever.
Jamie and Josh will be together, and once she ages up I'll age him up too.

So I really can't decide, and I really don't have a preference either way. I thought I'd ask for input :3

Poll #1616110 MOVE OUT

Who should move out?

Jamie should move out!
John should move out!
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[05 Sep 2010|08:13pm]


Still growing up!

A New boy in townCollapse )
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[29 Aug 2010|12:44pm]

I know I haven't been posting as frequently as before, but I'm still getting into the game again. It is different playing without any expansion packs. REALLY different. Sims can't even walk to a lot, they have to call a damn taxi! But I'm still playing.

ROBBEDCollapse )
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[19 Aug 2010|08:45pm]


doublemint gumCollapse )
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[12 Aug 2010|03:33pm]





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[28 Jul 2010|04:27pm]
[ mood | TERRIFIED ]

This is a true story.

On the afternoon of July 28, 2010, I was wading in the water on the shore of a lake picking up rocks. I was having a lovely time, picking up handfulls, tossing aside the rejects and keeping the prized ones.

Suddenly from the house to the right, three creatures came bounding towards me. Three brown mink raced towards me along the bank. I had no time to act, only to squeal and call for my mom. Two of them stayed on shore, confused at this creature in their lake, but the third was not so timid. It dove into the water towards me and swam. I did not know what to do so I stayed still. It went under the water, still towards me, I turned my torso around, thinking it would appear on the other side. But no. I looked down and there it was between my feet. I felt it touch my leg. It’s claw, its tiny paw, it’s terrifying evil doing hand touched my leg. I let out another scream and it scampered to the shore with the others.

The next few minutes were a blur, but they bounced up and down the shore, having a ball, while I, having managed to reach the safety of the dock, looked on in horror and unbridled fear. Soon, they made their way to the neighbor’s beach to the left and were gone. The rest of that day at the beach, I’d freeze at any sound, fearing their devilish return. Luckily, they did not reappear. But I shall never forget that day, when a mink threatened my life.


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[21 Jun 2010|08:20pm]
I saw a secret on SimSecret about my lil sims posts. I'm so sorry things havent been working lately. I'm not able to work on things right now but I will when I can, I promise. I want my sims back just as much as you lol.

But the last time I played before it all broke, Juliet had grown up and was cute as a button. (Not sure if this is Ice or Jack.) I hadn't uploaded the pics and stuff, but here is one to tide you over.

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[03 Jun 2010|05:36pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

So my computer is NOT working. It dies every 15 minutes or so. Mainly when I am online. I've uninstalled a ton of stuff and there is no virus, my dad says. I am on google chrome right now. I thought it might be a fire fox problem but just a few minutes ago, my comp froze and died while on chrome.

i havent been able to play sims in days, which sucks. i do have everything sims backed up on an external hard drive so that is good.

but idk this is annoying and frustrating.

this entry is public in case any sims lovers are wondering what is up.

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[27 May 2010|05:32pm]

Well, you'll see ok

We"re starting again!Collapse )
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